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Our Mission at Vertikal Alliance International

At Vertikal Alliance International, we are dedicated to fostering understanding and collaboration across cultures through our innovative programs. Each initiative is designed to empower, educate, and connect individuals across the globe.

Women On The Rise

This program supports women in their pursuit of leadership and development, helping them to make impactful changes in their communities and beyond.

Teen Vertikal Media Camp

A unique platform where young individuals learn to express their narratives through media, gaining skills that prepare them for global opportunities.

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Inspiring Journeys Across the Globe

Dive into the vibrant tales of young adventurers and passionate women making a difference worldwide. Each blog post sheds light on the unique cultures and inspiring actions that bridge communities and empower individuals. Join us in celebrating these stories of passion and discovery.

Exploring Global Inspirations: Stories of Travel, Youth, and Women's Empowerment

The Hard Work of Hope

The Hard Work of Hope

How we move forward during the year ahead With the new year comes a new beginning, an opportunity for reflection and renewal. And yet, a month into this new year and decade, the promise of the New is already overwhelmed by the Old—by climate crisis and geopolitical...

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One man’s mission for true justice

One man’s mission for true justice

I first met Bryan Stevenson, a longtime grantee and trustee of the Ford Foundation, over 30 years ago when he was a young public-interest lawyer just a year or two out of Harvard Law School. I was a month into my first job at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational...

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