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Vertikal LIVE Radio’s Mission is to change the narrative of media through empowering communities to build bridges of sustainability through the arts.

Our view of sustainability and the culture of the world is that, we typically don’t imagine the arts as playing a role in creating a sustainable future. However, the arts can be an approachable medium in which to explore and advocate for social equity. Opening doors for difficult, but meaningful conversations. The arts have the power to ground us in deeper purpose. They encourage us to view the world in new, less rational ways and open our minds to new possibilities.

Spotlight On Mark Wallace Maguire

Laura C. Bulluck is an empowering conversationalist who, has in the last 15-years, poured herself into her life’s purpose – inspiring people to be the most excellent version of who they are designed to be. Known as a “Disrupter to the Status Quo,” she uses her innate knack for shaking things up by challenging belief systems and traditions that can often cause people to get stuck into a limiting lifestyle.

By taking individuals and groups through a 7-step journey, she’s coined as the, “I Can Plan,” Laura has helped countless women experience an awakening and realize the power within themselves to not only discover the work they love, but also create consistency, discipline, and sequences necessary to making a living doing what they love.

Laura’s impact has been featured in several written publications, as well as radio and television interviews. She is also the author of several books, including her latest book, All Grown Up: The Road Less Traveled. In this book, she weaves together personal experiences, stories, and hands-on activities by using awakening and alignment principles that have allowed Laura to aid in re-shaping the lives of so many.  Now she is starting a new endeavor called C.E.O. Power Talk, where the mission is to develop a collective network of change agents that provide access to resources and opportunities for all.

 Join Host C. Duckworth and Guest Laura C. Bulluck for an exciting conversation about bringing women CEOs to the table.  

Wednesday, August 26th 6:00PM Pacific/MST – 8:00 PM Central – 9:00 PM EST Dial in/SKYPE at 1.646.668.2928 #1.  

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T.M. Brown writes with subtlety, compassion, and understanding. His characters are rich, the story is compelling, and the denouement is more than satisfying. The story is funny and sad, the language is clever and poetic, and the book is nothing less than a gem. With skill and finesse, Brown moves the story forward at a measured pace as he introduces believable and sympathetic characters, and each of these brings depth and sometimes gentle humor to this finely crafted story. Purgatory[:] A Progeny’s Quest is a story of growth, and change, and hope, and renewal. It is a story of forgiveness. It is an extraordinary tale written by an exceptional author, a Southerner at heart, although he’s lived and traveled in many states far removed from his beloved boyhood roots in Georgia and Florida. He returned to his Southern roots several years ago while his two sons were still in school and regularly traveled throughout the South before returning to college shortly after his youngest son graduated. In the last fifteen years, he has preached, taught, and coached in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida until his wife and he moved outside of Atlanta and retired to write, travel, and spoil grandchildren.  

Join Host C. Stene Duckworth and Author T. M. Brown in a conversation about writing, his books, and his perspective on becoming a writer.  Wednesday, July 15th, at 6:00 PM Pacific/MST – 8:00 PM Central – 9:00 PM EST.  Call in or SKYPE at 1.646.668.2928 to listen, comment, or ask questions.  

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Mark Wallace Maguire is an award-winning author, columnist, and publisher whose work has appeared in dozens of publications. He is the author of the fictional series, The Alexandria Rising Chronicles and In Pursuit of the Pale Prince.

Through his own experience, Mark Wallace Maguire created a positive blog for fathers who may be experiencing the same emotions when a special needs child which became a book, Confessions of a Special Needs Dad: Honesty and Hope for the Journey and now their first conference.  Join us for a delightful and informative conversation about the upcoming conference and more.

1:00 PM EST – 12:00 PM Central – 10:00 AM Arizona – Saturday December 28th 2019

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Dreams have a way of finding you in life and Tori Reid has the vision to head her own production company thanks in part through a collaboration with a friend and writing partner. Her latest endeavor is co-founder and CEO of Victory & Noble, a newly formed literary and production company.  

No stranger to the world of entertainment Tori Reid is the daughter of Tim Reid of WKRP in Cincinnati and Frank’s Place. “This being played over and over again can make you second-guess practically everything about yourself. So the big question was… well, who am I if I’m not Tim Reid’s daughter first? What if I’m just Tori Reid?” – Tori Reid

Hear Tori Reid’s debut program, “Simply, Tori! Unstoppable You: The Art of Becoming Unstuck with Doctah B Sirius aka “The Medicine Man”

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