Norman A. Anderson


Norman’s Dream

From 23-years in the Fashion Industry to redesigning his life in journalism.  He founded Vertikal Magazine in 2009, which has evolved into Vertikal Life Magazine with a global audience.  His mantra was, “Be True, Live Free!” With programs that we founded to encourage and empower the next generation of global leaders and agents of change, we look forward to continuing his dream of spreading this movement of positive energy throughout the world.  The Norman A. Anderson Charitable Trust was founded by the Vertikal Life Magazine Staff in 2014 in honor of Norman A. Anderson and his dream.

Our Mission

Norman A. Anderson Charitable Trust supports organizations that enrich health, well-being, and opportunity for the people of Georgia, Arizona, and New York. The Trust concentrates its efforts in five areas: Media & Communications, Arts & Culture, Diabetes Education, Entrepreneurship, and Youth Empowerment.

Who We Serve

The Trust works side-by-side with nonprofit organizations as a partner, helping them to identify problems, build expertise, find solutions, and become continually stronger and more effective. The Trust strives to be a vital part of Arizona, Georgia, and New York —not only as a source of leadership and financial support but as a neighbor sharing a lasting stake in the county’s future.

Dedicated To Our Core Values

Compassion * Integrity * Character * Respect * Education * Personal Development * Community

She's More Network

Entreprenuership & Women

Diabetes & Family

Listen Up!

Sharing stories of Triumph, Justice, Empowerment, Sustainability, Building Bridges to Communities Worldwide.

The Hard Work of Hope

The Hard Work of Hope

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One man’s mission for true justice

One man’s mission for true justice

I first met Bryan Stevenson, a longtime grantee and trustee of the Ford Foundation, over 30 years ago when he was a young public-interest lawyer just a year or two out of Harvard Law School. I was a month into my first job at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational...

Advice to My Younger Self: Latanya Sweeney

Advice to My Younger Self: Latanya Sweeney

Latanya Sweeney is a computer scientist on the faculty of Harvard University. She studies the unforeseen consequences of technological innovation, and how to deal with them. What issue in the technology sphere keeps you up at night? Latanya Sweeney: The ways in which...

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